I'm afraid of failing

Is your fear of failure holding you back from living the full life God wants for you?

Are you afraid your relationship will fail, so you won’t commit?  Are you afraid you’ll look weird or stupid, so you won’t try something new?  Are you afraid of what will happen if you go on a retreat or join a small group at your parish?  Follow these steps to help you overcome your fear of failure. 

Let’s be honest.  Often the real issue is not that we think we have failed, but that we think we are a failure. That’s not true.  God does not see you as a failure.  And, He does not see your failures the same way you do.  

The world defines failure much differently than God does.  In the eyes of the world, Jesus failed when He died on the Cross, but we know that His death was the beginning of new life for all of us.  The Crucifixion led to the Resurrection!   

Step out in faith, trusting that God can bring good out of anything.  In this sense, you cannot fail! 

Remembering that, “We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose,” (Romans 8:28), make your choice and follow through with it!