I'm afraid God won't answer my prayers

Many of us find ourselves resisting prayer because we are afraid God will not answer our prayers.  This fear can be quite complex.  First, am I even confident that God hears me when I pray?  Do I believe that He cares enough to listen?   And even if He does care and listen, will He give me the thing I am asking for?  Isn’t that what we really mean when we talk about God answering our prayers?  For example, if I pray for a sick family member to be healed, when I speak of whether God answered this prayer, I am usually speaking of whether or not He healed my sick family member.  But is that the only answer possible?  And even if we do believe that God listens, cares, and answers, why are we still afraid to pray?  Perhaps there are other underlying fears.  Continuing the example from above, perhaps I am not so much afraid that God won’t hear or answer, perhaps my underlying fear is that my sick family member will not get better. 

So how do we overcome this very complex fear?  First – with patience! This is a process of learning how to trust God more deeply.  We will present some different steps to help you move along that journey, but there is nothing wrong with spending some extra time at one of the steps, or periodically returning to a previous step for reassurance!   

Has this process helped you to discover that your fear is different than a fear that God won’t answer?  Return to the Explore section to help you work through some other fears related to the Eucharist, Confession, Pain and Suffering, Returning to Mass, and more!